The Game Gets Closer

May 17, 2010

A disturbing photo captured by Allied intelligence

So to recap on what the game is all about:  The Allies are attempting to:    1. Prevent Germany making their propaganda film  2. Destroy the dinosaur hatchery/ laboratory  and 3. Rescue Ginger Snaps from the castle!  The Germans, once under attack, will be trying to get the precious film “in the can” and off the table by any means necessary – even if it has to be strapped to one of the Pterowaffen (oops! is that a playing hint to the Germans?)

We’ll be using Flying Lead from Ganesha Games for the rules  – they will provide a suitable pulp game while still providing enough  stucture and detail  to cover most eventualities.  I’m curently working out the stats for both sides : The germans will have mostly regular troops – apart from the dinosaurs!  For those that have played the Songs system,  Kreigsclaw have these stats: 

Kreigsclaw & rider       96 points   Quality 4  Combat 2

Submachine Gun, Fear, Long Move, Mounted, Body Armor, Big, Savage

So they have a burst of speed, good in close combat, and a bit tough – I’m thinking I may may need to increase the toughness, but we’ll see.

The Allies will have veteran GIs led by Eureka’s “pulp” Dogface GIs – these guys will be heroes and tough – Quality 3 Combat 3, with Hero, Body Armour, then a number of other special abilities depending on the individual.


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