Table plan

August 6, 2009


Here is the latest sketch Alan has done of the table.  It now has a lot more terrain on it, which will be great for skirmishing.


One comment

  1. Gentlemen:
    This is the most fantastic blend of historical fiction since the very first installment of Indiana Jones! I absolutely love it and have already talked to Rob W in the USA about ordering my first ‘platoon” of mounted figures. If you have a newsletter, please include my email address and if you actually take the time to look over folks’ websites, you will see I have a variety of wargaming interests, 1/3 of it like my Rocketeer vs the Evil Nazi empire and my Indiana Jones & Lara Croft meet the Egyptian gods, as well as all my tongue-in-cheek Pirate games are not on it. When my PC computer crashed last spring, I lost 90% of not only all my wargame rules, newsletters/game battle reports but most important to me, the majority of my photos of all my games and conventions. Which is why once someone talked me into starting a free website, I began organizing my few old photos and numerous new photos, into a website.
    So enough about me, I have to check out the rest of your website and figure out how I can get the ruleset for this so I have both in hand when my order for these figures (as well as your Taliban set) come in.

    Humbly yours
    Michigan USA

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