New Evidence

August 6, 2009

Pterodactyl historique

This  amazing photo  has come to light.  It seems that the Nazis were not the first to find dinosaurs – here we  see Union soldiers of the American Civil War standing over the body of a pterodactyl.


An American boy holds an unknown flying creature.  The wings and head are different to a pterodactyl – where did it come from?



  1. The first picture is an obvious fake with modern reenactors…they don’t look in anyn way like Union soldiers…they are just guys with okay costumes using photoshop. The second picture is much more interesting.

  2. they don’t look in anyn way like Union soldiers…they are just guys with okay costumes using photoshop

    What makes you so critical of these soldiers uniforms in this shot? While my photo is only probably 2″x3″, I think they did a pretty good job myself. And it’s the flying dino bird that is supposed to be the main focal point.

  3. To call that photo a fake is to be religiously connected to the theory of evolution! there is no proof that photo is Fake!..the fake photo was a different photo used for a TV show!.. Why they had to stage a photo and not use this one.. which arose again in the 1960’s before photo shop!!! is anyones guess .. except the idea of Doppleganging.. to fog the issue of the original photo..obfuscating the truth on purpose!.. Why didnt the TV show use the original photo????? answer that and you have the truth

    • Get the entire story at our site above, about the most obfuscated photo in history! You’ll be amazed what intrigues exist around this true photo!

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